Sunday, January 8, 2012

tool eleven

1. I think my favorite tool will be the use of apps on my ipod. I think the coaches eye will be useful in improving many skills we do. I also think the x-box will be great.
2. I feel I will have more of a transformation after I am actually able to try some of these tools in my class.
3. vision-that I might be able to integrate in class
4. changes needed-to be open minded willing to try different things
5. unexpected outcomes-all that is available and know what is possible

tool eight

1. I am not familiar with using any apps. I learned how to move apps not used on a regular basis to other pages and how to go to Kace and update my software on my i-pod.
2. I will talk to the librarian and other teacher to see what has worked for them. I will then decide what will work best in my class.
3. I do not have any suggestions for others.

tool seven

A. The students will see who will be able to hula hoop the longest while competing against another class
B. I would like to try this in the spring
C. I will use skype
D. Both classes with begin at the same time and watch each other as the time goes by
E. I will talk to other teachers and see who would like to give it a try.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

tool nine

1. makes it meaningful to student
2. increases learning and importance
4. Two apps that I am looking forward to trying are coaches eye and run keeper. I would like to use run keeper when we are working on the fifth grade track meet.
5. I would also like to use coaches eye or some app for videoing the students in action and use it as part of review at the end of class.

tool ten

Three important areas of the digital era-Analyze information-make sure info. is from a reliable source not the first website you come to, be safe and responsible while using the internet, use proper etiquette while on different sites
I will count on the classroom teachers to introduce proper digital knowledge. I will review the information and make sure they know the needed information.

I am not sure how or if I will be able to implement online info. to all 750 plus families of my school.

Brain Pop is a useful tool to use in my classroom. I plan on using the health lessons that are available.

tool 6

I signed up for wallwisher, twitter and today's meet. I think wallwisher would be a good way to connect with parents and kids at home about jogging club information. I haven't used much technology in health fitness except for the i-pod. I used today's meet in a meeting and liked it. I'm not sure how I would be able to use it in my class. I would like any suggestions available.

tool five

I tried animoto and mixbook. I found animoto fun to use and would like to get better at making more advanced looking videos. I could use this specific video to introduce our field day and what a fun day to look forward to. I also tried mixbook and found it not as user friendly. I tried to change my theme many times and could not get it to switch. I will try again another time.